JESI Software Developer

Alex Scott

BA Information Technology (Computing and Networking Major).

Short Brief on your work experience.
10 years as a civil/structural draftsman and in-house engineering developer (app and drafting tools). Two years server side (micro-service) developer for a community buy, swap and sell platform.

What is the most exciting/interesting thing that you have developed and why?
Before joining the JESI team, I designed and developed a micro-service suite (with CQRS and Event Sourcing architecture) that powered a marketplace platform. The architecture captured and preserved all state change through interaction with replay and time travel capability. An extremely useful feature for understanding system/user interaction with a fault identification and rectification capacity.

Why do you think JESI is leading the way in technology?
JESI adopts the right technology for job; and empowers a refined process of quality assurance and automation testing. As developers, we take pride and ownership of the digital solution and tooling we create. We select tools and languages that are fun, powerful and permit rapid solving of any task.

Without giving away secrets, what technology is JESI using and what is the best thing about this technology?
The Software stack at JESI leverages multiple languages and frameworks (including Java, JavaScript and Clojure/ClojureScript) to schedule global email and SMS notifications. The stack is flexible, functional,  immutable and allows us to shape the features our clients demand.

What is the coolest thing you have done while at JESI?
It’s difficult to isolate one cool thing I’ve done while at JESI when we move so rapidly. For client facing features, our system statistics page was a chance to bring new reactive graphs into the platform. For developer ‘life’, it would have to be creating tools and flows that ensure quality delivery including the development of ‘code reading code’.

How do you keep up with new technology?
I allocate time each day to reading a curated list of blogs and to keep up with the latest trends, emerging technology and new enhancements. I engage with the local developer community to hear stories and share experiences and I dedicate one night each week for trialing new approaches on realistic side projects.