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Risk Assessment and Daily Check-in Processes

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JESI’s Journey Management software accommodates the needs of both large businesses and SME’s. JESI enables organisations to manage and evaluate the risk of a travelling workforce and ensure their safety.

The JESI mobile technology enables real-time responses and rapid communication that helps to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and delays amongst remote workers.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Global connectivity
  • SMS alerts and reminders through the JESI web app
  • Escalation contacts
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Real time traveller activity dashboard
  • Calendar integration with itinerary parsing
  • Trip risk assessment

Our success stories

JESI provides

Proven Technology

JESI Starter is used by isolated and remote travellers worldwide and is trusted across numerous industry sectors.


Trusted and proven
by organisations globally.

User Friendly Platform

JESI is easy to use, even for
those who are not tech-savy.


JESI provides operations managers with visibility of people movements and safety of staff. Managers receive alerts if travellers fail to check-in as planned.

Industries locally, nationally and globally rely on JESI